Our task has been to contact and consult with as many people as possible who live in the Kirkholt Million area (approximately 7,000 people). The Kirkholt Million consultation has been devised, conducted and analysed by local people. None of us was an expert in this field and we have had to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t.

We have used a range of consultation techniques, including:

  1. Questionnaires asking about good and bad features of the estate as it is now and suggestions for improvements (adults and primary school children).
  2. Table-top consultation identifying different areas of concern (for example, health) and asking a series of starter questions to capture the views of residents.
  3. Children’s activities: we organised a treasure hunt for primary school children in which they had to hunt for the letters making up ‘We Love Kirk and Milli’, followed by interviews with the children asking them what changes they would like to see in Kirkholt.
  4. Adult’s activities: we organised a local history display and quiz, which ended with questions on what people hoped to see in Kirkholt in the future.
  5. Christmas activities: we invited adults and children to write their hopes and ideas for the future of Kirkholt on stars which were hung on Christmas trees in schools, libraries and other community venues.

If you want to know more about our consultation process and its results, you can read all about it here.